We Support

Mentors who believe in Indigenous students and want to make a difference in themselves and in their community.


The Power of Mentoring

You might be a great mentor! If you are passionate about inspiring and in turn being inspired by tomorrow’s leaders then you might be a perfect fit for Influence. It's also an opportunity to enhance your leadership/coaching skills and to refine your cross-cultural understanding in a real-life setting. Not only does it support company goals such as workplace diversity, the mentoring relationship can also provide you a unique perspective on Canada's evolving Indigenous workforce.

We know that mentoring is not a new idea. While the exact format of mentoring varies across the globe, the concept itself is as ancient as humankind. Many communities have long regarded mentoring as one of the best ways to:

  • Pass on information, knowledge and tradition from one generation to the next;

  • Encourage and empower the protégé to walk confidently into their future as a promising leader in the community;

  • Provide the mentor with an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the next generation of leaders;

  • Create real, two-way conversations between different groups such as elder-youth; parent-child; servant leaders-fellow supporters; employers-employees; and story-tellers and the community, to name but a few;

  • Foster a sense of togetherness that all communities need in order to ensure they thrive;

Sometimes the goals of mentoring are quite specific: to instill a sense of values so the protégé can appreciate those who have come before them; or to prepare the protégé for the next challenge they may face along life’s journey. Other times, the mission of mentoring is more expansive and almost holistic in nature: to ensure the next generation has access to the tools and resources needed for a successful life of community service, family-building and personal fulfillment.

Regardless of the intent, the best mentoring relationships are reciprocal and about teaching each other “how to fish!”

See Yourself as a Mentor

Influence taps into the enthusiasm, skill, and dedication of those who see themselves as mentors – those brave souls who seek to reach out beyond their own needs and help coach the next generation who are eager to learn and grow.

In order to be successful as a mentoring program, it is essential that our mentors reflect the larger community, and come from a wide variety of fields, including business, social, academic, cultural, political and service-based.

Know that you will make a positive difference as a mentor. Studies on similar one-to-one mentoring programs indicate that both mentor and protégé find great benefits from participating. The simple acts of connecting, sharing stories, listening and understanding lead to lifelong returns.

How Mentors Benefit

As a mentor you will gain:

  • A greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the protégé – cultural, economic, social, career-building;

  • Enhanced listening and empathy skills;

  • Enhanced leadership and confidence skills;

  • Growth of your personal and professional network;

  • A tremendous feeling of goodwill;

  • An immense sense of connection;