Opportunities for Indigenous students looking to improve their career possibilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates Influence from other mentorship programs?

The Influence Mentoring program is specifically for Indigenous post-secondary students to meet their unique needs and support them throughout their educational careers. The program will mentor any student, in any Canadian location, in all areas of study.

Can Non-Indigenous people be a mentor in the Influence program?

Yes. Influence Mentoring’s values are deeply rooted in bridging cultural gaps, creating inclusive environments where both mentors and protégés can equally learn and benefit from each other.

Do the mentor and protégé need to be in the same location to be matched?

No. The mentor can be in one part of Canada and the protégé in another part of Canada.

How long is the mentor – protégé relationship?

There is no set duration for the program, although the mentor – protégé relationship will be subject to at least one full school year. The hope is that the relationship will be long-term and support the student throughout their post-secondary educational career.

Does the Influence Mentorship program guarantee the protégé a job when completed?

No.  The program’s primary focus and purpose are to provide mentorship to post-secondary Indigenous students during their educational careers. This mentorship should allow for a more successful educational experience and transition into their chosen profession.

Does an Indigenous student have to be enrolled at a post-secondary institution with a formal partnership with Influence Mentoring to be accepted into the mentorship program?

No. Any Indigenous student enrolled at a post-secondary institution is welcome to participate in the Influence Mentoring program.

Is there a cost to be involved in the Influence Mentoring program?

No. All participants and partners involved in the program do so free of charge. There are no barriers to accessing the program.  

Does Influence Mentoring only mentor students in specific academic fields?

No. Students enrolled in any post-secondary educational program will be accepted and match with a mentor from their field of study/work.

How are protégés and mentors matched?

Both mentors and protégés are interviewed for compatibility and to meet unique needs. The mentor will work within and have expertise in the same field of study that the protégé is currently pursuing. The protégé will ultimately decide on the right mentor to meet their specific needs and comfort.

Is there any formal training in the Influence program?

From time to time, Influence Mentoring will provide mentorship workshops, relationship-building exercises, employment workshops, guest speaker series, and networking opportunities.

How is the Influence Mentoring program dealing with the limitations of Covid-19?

The Influence Mentoring program is an online mentorship model.  All elements and supports of the program can be effectively delivered in a virtual environment. There are no limitations to the success of the mentorship relationship based on this structure. This model is the perfect fit for the current realities of the Covid pandemic. 

Does the protégé need to be in their first year of post-secondary to enter the Influence Mentoring program?

No. A student may join the program at any point in their post-secondary career.

Is there an age restriction to join the program?

No. An Indigenous student may join the program at any age. Returning or mature students are very welcome to the Influence Mentoring program.