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Become an i.pngProtégé


While Influence seeks to be as inclusive as possible, there are some eligibility requirements:

  • Indigenous: This includes those of First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Non-Status descent.

  • Student: Candidates must be enrolled in post-secondary education during the time of the internship.

Age will not be a barrier to join the program nor will the post-secondary institution attended, or program studied. But the program will look for candidates who demonstrate personal initiative, commitment to career advancement and achieving their goals.

Once the application has been completed and the mentorship stream has been identified, protégé candidates will go through a screening process to better understand their background and interests. After the screening process, they are matched with the most suitable mentor for their stream.

Mentoring Streams

At present, a couple of streams, based broadly on different career-paths, have been identified. These ‘streams’ have been chosen to encourage and shed light on the vast opportunities available to Indigenous students in today’s job market. But no matter the chosen educational path, everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the mentorship program.

  • Business -  The Business mentorship stream includes matching opportunities in project management, business consulting, and entrepreneurship.

  • Technical - The technical stream covers a wide variety of opportunities found in science, technology, engineering, and medicine.

  • Financial -  Personal and commercial banking are some examples found within the financial mentorship stream.

  • Community Development - The Community Development stream includes Not-for-Profit/Non Profit Organization (NPO) opportunities and well as careers in the discipline of social work.

  • Academic - The Academic stream includes think tanks, researchers, teachers and professors.