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Being a sponsor is a great opportunity to enhance your personal commitment and/or your organization’s commitment to connect with an exceptional pool of talent. As a key stakeholder in Canada’s evolving Indigenous workforce, sponsors demonstrate their support for core corporate and personal values such as workplace diversity and inclusion, successful team-building, respect for individual dignity, willingness to expand horizons and good governance – all of which leads to greater harmony, understanding communities and successful employment outcomes.

Sponsors may support the program in any number of ways. We appreciate and applaud the commitment that all sponsors make by connecting with the program.


Financial donations help ensure the long-term sustainability of the mentoring strategies. While the actual dollar items are few, the future of the program is dependent in part on ensuring we have the staff and the appropriate tools and resources. We will be exceptional stewards for any funds received as we recognize that the true success of the program will be measured by the connections we help forge between employers and the pool of talent, community involvement and collaborations we encourage amongst all stakeholders.


Volunteer opportunities such as assisting the program in preparing and hosting a group event including venue set-up
and takedown, activity registration-desk and other related duties. All not-for-profit organizations benefit from the energy and enthusiasm that volunteers can bring. We will have a number of volunteer opportunities that might align well with the sponsor’s own community values and would welcome the chance to partner with a sponsor’s employee volunteers.


In-kind donations such as cross-marketing opportunities on
websites and social media, venues for presentations, small group meetings or networking sessions. By donating appropriate spaces to our programming, you can help
reinforce the positive connection between employers and the Indigenous pool of talent


Learning opportunities such as a corporate presentation on resume writing for a specific sector or industry, or networking. These opportunities provide great two-way learning opportunities for protégés as well as sponsors, who will gain a greater understanding of the Indigenous workforce.

Temporary assignments

Temporary assignments can support the important duties of coordinating the mentorprotégé relationships, and assist in the successful operations of the mentorring program. We welcome the professional, dedicated and enthusiastic support that your employees can provide. They, too, will benefit by practicing leadership skills and enhancing their personal and professional networks.

For more information about our program, please contact Colby Delorme at (403) 221-8300 or at info(at)influencementoring.com or by mail/fax at:

Influence Mentoring Society
P.O. Box 42252 Southland
Calgary, Alberta   T2J 7A6
Fax: 1 (877) 366-5123


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The personal information collected on the application form is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the FOIP Act and will be used by Influence Mentoring to process and recognize your donation. Your personal information will be protected in accordance with the privacy provisions of the FOIP Act. If you have any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact the Influence Mentoring Society at (403) 221-8300.