Career Planning

Starts with matching to a mentor in your field of study and seeing the possibilities.


Matching Streams

The Influence Mentoring program has created a flexible framework to help identify good candidates and place them within the appropriate mentor stream. This framework is also used to facilitate one-to-one matching  of protégés and mentors. The framework uses questions such as education background and career aspirations to ensure a good match. At present a couple of streams, based broadly on different career-paths, have been identified. These streams have been chosen to show the vast opportunities available to Indigenous students in today’s job market. But no matter the chosen educational path, everyone has the opportunity to be
involved in the mentoring program.

Mentorship Streams

The Business stream includes matching opportunities in project management, business management administration, business consulting, and entrepreneurship.

The technical stream covers a wide
variety of opportunities found in science, technology, engineering, law, health care, and medicine..

Personal and commercial banking,
accounting, corporate finance, and investments are some examples found within the financial mentoring stream..

Community Development
The Community Development stream includes Not-for-Profit/Non Profit Organization (NPO) opportunities, economic development, and careers in the discipline of social work.

The Academic stream includes education, think tanks, researchers, teachers and professors.