Mentors and Protégés will be matched through this innovative, online program.


Matchmaker Process

One-on-One Matching

Placement in Streams: Once the application has been completed candidates are placed into the appropriate mentorship stream. Matches are based on questions such as education background and career aspirations, to ensure a good match. Mentor applications go through a similar process of evaluation and are placed in the appropriate mentor stream.

Protégé Preferences: During the application/enrolment process protégé candidates will be asked to describe their preferences for a mentor. Additional preferences will be reasonably fulfilled where possible. These include:

  • Gender: You may indicate your option for a preference of sex (male/female/no preference) for both mentor and protégé. Should fulfilling a preference be difficult, you will be contacted.

  • Indigenous/Non-Indigenous: Protégé candidates can indicate whether or not an Indigenous mentor is preferred.

Screening: During the screening phase, the Program Coordinator will have the opportunity to learn about mentor and protégé candidates, so that decisions can be made that are thoughtful, creative, and reflective of the candidates.

Preselected Mentors: Finally, the program may be open to protégé candidates who approach and secure their own mentors, on their own terms. This candidate demonstrates a high degree of initiative, forethought, and investment in their own career trajectory and this approach is certainly encouraged.


The Program Coordinator will process the completed applications and notify both mentor and protégé candidates who have been selected for further screening. Candidates who do not meet the program requirements will be notified as well.

Phone Interview: Protégé and Mentor candidates successfully selected for further screening will be asked to participate in a phone interview. This will give the Program Coordinator the opportunity to clarify any questions regarding their applications.  

In-Person Interview:  Protégé and Mentor candidates who have been shortlisted will be asked to participate in an in-person interview. Questions may focus on soft skills and desired behaviours. For example, the mentor candidate’s cultural competencies and willingness to learn might be assessed.

Candidate Selection: The Program Coordinator will make the final selections. It should be noted that progressing through the Screening phase does not immediately guarantee a place in the program, since inclusion will still depend on the availability of suitable matches of mentors to protégés.