Development Bonds

Through innovative events to grow your network and your knowledge.


Networking Events

The purpose of Influence is to build better employment opportunities for Indigenous protégés and to expand their networks beyond the one-to-one mentor/protégé relationship. During the pilot year of the program, Influence will host a virtual networking event for our Mentors, Protégés, as well as representatives from Education, Industry, and the Community. This will also be a great opportunity to connect with future partners, as well as potential program sponsors and employers.  

Our Online Delivery Model and COVID-19:

The Influence Program is designed to create connection, support, and communication, even and especially during difficult times. We are proud of our leading-edge program that follows an online delivery model, which supports safe program delivery as well as creates accessibility for remote learning and connection anywhere in Canada. Please note that all our group events will be virtual until further notice. Influence will follow all Alberta Health guidelines and rise to any challenges as they present themselves due to COVID-19.